About Anne

“What if “and “why not” are questions I often ask. 

Why do I love labor-intensive processes?  From welding rusty tools to build a sculpture, to making a fiber sculpture by tying rope into knots, to building layers of colored wax to create an encaustic painting, to combining antique and new beads from all over the world to make jewelry – I gain satisfaction and pleasure from watching my pieces grow into a balanced work of art. 

Why do I think that creativity disappears with familiarity? A string of beads comes  alive when I take it apart and add other sizes, colors, and textures.  I create rhythm and harmony in my jewelry to create beauty.  I balance opposites in my paintings and sculptures to obtain that same harmony.  I accept the challenge that comes with new ideas.  Learning a new skill or technique makes me more vulnerable and open to the happy accidents that occur in my work.

Where do my symbols and patterns come from? Some of my images are real and some are imagined, such as symbols from my unconscious.  I make masks to represent spiritual beings and/or ancestors involved in ceremony.  Is it possible to learn the answers to questions of the future from the traditions of the past?  I think this is what I am seeking in my creations.

I use travel as a way to explore other cultures visually. I seek to understand and honor the vision of others through the use of organic geometry, seeking the patterns and shapes that I use as a universal language.  I am often a messenger bringing back tribal images that I hold gently in my hands, seeking to translate them into an art that spans many cultures.

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